Do the Birds Like It?

snapshot cropped

Some people worry that the birds may be just thrown out into the world, to fend for themselves in the wild.  In fact there are some web sites out there that spread wrong information.

We are dove-keepers first, and we raise and love our birds. The presence of doves for your celebration is something that our birds are very comfortable with.

They live in small roosts in Southeast Ohio, and we take them out to different locations to train them.  Back in olden times these type of doves (Rock Doves) were used as messenger pigeons.  Messages would be wrapped around their legs, and they would be released, carrying messages back home!

From knights in the middle ages to explorers, the dove has been a friend to humanity. The birds love to fly.  And for them, this is another chance to spread their wings and enjoy a flight home, and a special supper!