Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events do you do Dove Releases for?

Really you can add it to any type of event you want to make special.  White Doves can help lift spirits in time of loss or joy both.

Baby showers, baptisms, vow renewals, “grand openings”, and community celebrations are all good potential events to celebrate with doves.

Our favorite is celebration of paying off your house, car or credit cards!  You can now fly free like the doves!

It’s also fun to celebrate a couple’s big anniversary (10th, 20th, 25th, etc. or 5th or 1st depending on the couple 😉 ).   Really it can add a sense of inspiration and excitement to a many events.

Can you do dove releases anywhere? 

We do dove releases in a 50 mile radius around Athens Ohio, focusing on the Ohio Valley between Parkersburg and Pomeroy, and from Lancaster over to Parkersburg WV and Belpre OH, down to Gallipolis OH and Jackson OH, over to Chillicothe OH and Lancaster OH, as well as the Hocking Hills area, the Wayne National Forest in Athens  OH and Marietta OH, up to Zanesvile OH and Cambridge OH.

The doves can fly further, so we can travel to events further away but there will be an additional charge.

Does it harm the birds?

Heavens no!  We have been raising doves for over 40 years.  We do it because we enjoy raising them and training them.  These white rock doves are natural “homing birds”.   They have an instinct, similar to migrating birds, that tells them how to get home.

Part of what we do in raising them is to train them by releasing them further and further from their home, to gradually get them trained to find their way home even from substantial distances.  Homing pigeons can fly hundreds of miles.  Our flights are less than 100, so it’s not a bad day.

They fly home naturally, tell their friends at the roost all about it, then have a good supper!

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes!  If you want to help make a lucky couple’s wedding memorable, it can be a great wedding gift to add the dove release to their celebration. You also can give a wedding gift certificate so they celebrate their anniversary!

 How did you get into this business? 

We love raising birds and training them for homing, and have done it for years just for fun.

It’s something we love and we wanted to share it with others in times of celebration, and as a symbol of hope in times of grief.

 Can you release doves at night or indoors? 

We do not release birds at night, or in any indoors.  We usually only release birds 2 hours before sunset, or earlier, unless they are very close to home.

Anything else to keep in mind? 

We do not ship birds for self-release.  Also, the birds will not be released if there is any danger to their safety.  This includes loose animals or overhead wires.  Ohio Valley Doves reserves the right to adjust release location for birds’ safety or to cancel releases if we deem there to be potential danger to the birds.

Contact us at 740/591-4244 or pete@ohiovalleydoves.com